KUST holds seminar as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Program

A seminar on “Breast cancer Awareness” was organized by Komar University’s BioMedical Science department on the 24th of October, 2022. In the event, posters about breast cancer awareness, breast cancer risk in unmarried women, breast cancer and its relationship with uterine cancer were prepared and presented by the BioMedical Science department students. Dr. Sanarya Shwan Abdul Rahman, Breast Physician, from Anwar Sheikha Medical City, Sulaymaniyah, delivered a talk about the awareness, diagnosis and treatment options related to breast cancer. The talk was well received by the participants and led to a fruitful discussion afterward. This event was organized and coordinated by Asst. Prof. Dr. Noel Vinay Thomas, Chairman of BioMedical Science Department, Ms. Hawar Sardar Hassan, Assistant Lecturer, KUST in association with Komar Research Center, and Anwar Sheikha Medical City, Sulaymaniyah as apart of Breast Cancer Awareness Program, 2022.