KUST participates in The Second Iraqi Biorisk Raising Awareness Conference

A delegate from Komar University of Science and Technology participated in “The Second Iraqi Biorisk Raising Awareness Conference” in Erbil on October 26, 2022. The conference was organized by the National BioRisk Management Committee (NBMC) in coordination with Kurdistan Biorisk Management Committee (KBMC), The Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP) and Sandia National Laboratories. The KUST delegate was headed by assistant professor Dr. Noel Vinay Thomas, chairman of the Biomedical Science Department, accompanied by Ms. Shania Khabat, the Director of Laboratories at KUST. During the conference, Dr. Noel, who was invited as a speaker, delivered a talk on the Bio-Hazard Management and its Challenges. He further emphasized how the biohazard materials are dealt with at KUST and highlighted the gaps and scopes in the proper disposal of the such materials.